Ivan Drago

by Ivan Drago

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released August 28, 2015

Drums recorded at Jungle Studios by Nathan Sheehy
Recorded & Edited by Yods Gumley & Andy McDougall in our band room @ Jungle Studios
Mixed by Yods Gumley in our band room @ Jungle Studios
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room


tags: punk rock Sydney


all rights reserved


Ivan Drago Sydney, Australia

IVAN DRAGO formed in 2012, featuring members of Ebolagoldfish, Chris Duke and the Royals and Sniperival.

Together, IVAN DRAGO decided it was time someone started playing punk like they did when they were teenagers, and the resulting tunes have taken the band to sharing stages with bands such as Anti Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, Frenzal Rhomb, The Flatliners, Pour Habit and countless local bands.
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Track Name: Coming Down
Coming Down
I’m coming down after a night out on the town
and I really wish you would be around
Last night, we went out to a bar. Not my intent to travel very far. It was just supposed to be a few quiet ones at the local. But plans changed so quickly got out of hand as usual. And now it’s the morning after and we are all still going
I don’t want to think about how shit I’ll feel when this does end
Last night, we went and saw some bands. We slept in tents, with a couple of our friends. And I’ve never even felt so claustrophobic in my life
Imagining spiders and insects eating me alive
And that’s it I say, and I will swear that I’m going sober. But I know I’ll crack my first after a couple of hours.
My head is sore but my heart is aching more
and I really want you to walk through the door
Track Name: The Same Old Vegetables
The Same Old Vegetables
We all have pasts that we’re not proud of
thankfully we can recognise the shame
and in our hearts we know the answer because when you break it down we’re all the same
While generations might have stalled high hopes for the future I hold. See it on kids faces every week of shock horror and disbelief. When they are made fully aware of our dark history they'll care and then they’ll say “We won’t make the same mistakes”
Potato, Potato, Tomato Tomato
You fill the trunk while we pack the boot
Guten tag, Hi, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye
Cheers, Prost, Kampei and Saulte
I understand, that they were fucked times and some memories are very slow to fade. But please explain, how we can move on when you’re still living in the hate of yesterday.
I know our futures in good hands, after exploring foreign lands. Lifesaving generosity, restores faith in humanity. We all worship different gods, but we’ve all got the same problems so we must say, “We won’t make the same mistakes”
We’re all the same with different names we just play many different games We’re all the same with different names and we just try to shift the blame We’re all the same with different names, fuck your concept of fame We’re all the same with different names there’s no need to discriminate
Cheers, Prost, Kampei That means good times Cheers, Prost, Kampei and Saulte
Track Name: 12 Weeks
12 Weeks
It was a combination of things, that made me realise, I could prematurely die. So I stopped eating shit, and started running a bit, but I was out of breath after five.
It took me 84 days. With no effort, nothings ever gained. It really, really changed my life.
Lying in bed, playing FIFA til my eyes turned red, but I wanted the real deal. So I put together a team, all members of an online zine, now I’m kicking goals for real.
12 weeks was all that it took. Challenge completed, and it shook my world by the ankles, it saved my life.
First prize was a walking trip of Spain and I went through 12 weeks of pain only to come second to a guy sucking in his gut in his ‘after’ photo by I’m not really bitter cos I won a sweet watch.
And now I keep the time and I remember why; I made the sacrifice.
Track Name: NEW-KYE-STLE
Mistaken identity, It probably wasn’t right, but still we were drinking for free. Karma sure caught up with me. We were abandoned in a state but we were all freezing.
Fast forward to the part, where we’re in your backyard. The first of many times, think this place is alright it’s
We met, it was at The Lucky. Not such a Lamexcuse to drive two hours for a small gig. I bought a shirt it was crappy. You bought me at least six rounds, even though I was driving
We’ve been many a place, Our heads in different states. Sweating through a jump or beaming through a pub
And we’ve had so many good times there with you even with nothing to do and I don’t know why you like to live in that town but it’s nice when you are around. And we’ve had so many good times there with you, even when it's nothing new. Except for...
Track Name: Song For Timor Leste
Song for Timor Leste

Well I went overseas and waited for the trees to grow. I don't mean literally but I was lucky enough to bond with those Unfamiliar people, Unfamiliar people, Unfamiliar people, but they're the same as you and me

A hot day with a cool breeze, eating breakfast on the beach climbing the stairs to Cristo Rei the first hour of our first day. In the Capital called Dili, a run down broken city
a stones throw away I'd go back any day

Across the Timor Sea, the residents fought for control
of their beloved country so many unlucky to be trampled
by those unfamiliar people, unfamiliar people
unfamiliar people, but they're the same as you and me

Onboard the Nakroma, with members of my family
a pregnant sister and a soon to be grandma headed for Oecusse. But when we arrived we couldn't expect any more from these people with a horrible past waving and smiling and offering food, though this meal might be their last.

Generosity you wouldn't believe and genuinely happy to be. Alive and showing you the positive aspects of their beloved country

Bom Dia e Obrigado, Maun and Mana from Timor Leste
We're Malai who love you dearly and we're the same, you and me

Become familiar people, become familiar people
We’ve become familiar people, we're the same, you and me. We've become familiar people, become familiar people. The most beautiful of all the worlds people, the wonderful East Timorese
Track Name: The Chimes
The Chimes

Fratton Park's the holy grail, even though it was up for sale. Blue Army's in the stands, Conga lines and clapping hands. John PFC is raving mad, he's ringing that bell and he's tattoo­clad. Stand up, if you're allowed. The Chimes are ringing loud. And when we play away the Pompey Chimes still play. They'll never fade away. You can hear them from Sydney on match day.

Play Up Pompey, Pompey Play Up.
Blue Army! Blue Army! Blue Army! Blue Army!
Fuck Yeah!
Track Name: Absence

Absence makes the set list longer, and the couses, they make my drinks stronger. Missing shows makes me homesick but only for a short minute, because then I realise it’s the best time of my life and I’m sure when I return things will have changed. Then I'm sure nothing else will have changed at all.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and absence makes the set list longer and absinth gets you so fucked up and
abstinence can get pretty hard.

Absence it makes my mind wander, consider chances I have squandered. Being along it makes me think, but I’ve got to snap out of it. Because then I realise it’s the best time of my life and I’m sure when I return things will have changed I may very well have come back deranged
But I’m sure nothing else will have changed at all.
Track Name: Do, Done, Said
Do Done Said

Yeah it's just one time, the only problem's that it only takes a tiny straw to break the camel's back. And I should learn from my previous mistakes If only that was all that it would take.

How come I've done the things I've done, why do I do the things I do? A life is something precious cos they're someone's loved ones too. How come I've said the things I've said acted the way that I've acted? Be careful cause someone’ll wind up dead.

I thank my lucky stars, that I've made it back. And I think from now on, I won't deviate from the track. It's time to make, make a change for the good I think I've known all along that I should.

And then how would you feel living life with eternal guilt. Never able to achieve complete resolve. It's the answer and the problem, question, also solution. Allegedly it's not easy to solve.

They’ll wind up dead
They'll kick the bucket, they'll fucking cark it
They'll wind up dead, at least not yet
Track Name: In Your Dreams
In Your Dreams

Well you swapped all our fake chicken for real chicken.
A maniacal decision, but I can forgive you see. Even though I became violently sick, I didn't refrigerate - it was only in your dreams. In your dreams

So the next night as we lie in bed to rest, my heart beating out of my chest, nervous of tonight’s theme. Will I chew on a macaw, a dinosaur, a wild bore? Or will I snore while having my own dreams? My own dreams.


Maybe later on tonight our heads collide allowing me to walk beside you In a spin off scene. Some people dream of being rich, or winning shit, but for us that is not legit, at least they're our own dreams. Our own dreams.
Track Name: Bloodblisters
Blood Blisters

With your fists held in the air. I can see a sea of hands from here to God knows where and then I wake up disappointed. Four friends standing on a stage, loving the music we wrote when we thought we'd collaborate. Whether or not it's your thing, we're here to make ears bleed.

We're playing till we get it right and that just means we're up all night. Every Tuesday, every week and every Wednesday I can barely speak. Then it came to our first show. Ready and raring to go Jobstopper and HBDM.
I drank so much I could barely see them and that was the birth of this thing we love. The birth of this thing we love
Stay tuned for more...

Everybody thought Sniperival was a cover band. But we showed those fuckers when Strung Out came to play our home land. Our claim to fame, it was unique, Tony Sly ate our CD. The best night of my fucking life. Rest In Peace

Lights out, end of the show. We won't go home, we won't go home.

There is a reason we play in these bands till we've got bleeding fingers and blisters on our hands. This is the reason we play in these bands till we've got bleeding fingers and blisters on our fucking hands